Help Kids See

Around the globe an estimated 2 million children live with blindness. Two out of three are girls. Most of these kids live in remote areas of low-income countries where even the most basic eye care services continue to be out of reach. Here's how our donors are helping to change this reality for children just like Rorng in Cambodia. When kids can see, they get an education, play with friends, and fulfill their dreams. Seva Canada Musicbed SyncID: MB01QPH312Q7MCW
Video transcript
A child’s future should be full of endless possibilities. The possibility of an education, employment, health, and happiness. But in low-income countries, when a child’s sight diminishes so do their future possibilities. Like Rorng in Cambodia who was blind and reliant on his grandmother – “If I could see, more than anything, I want to go to school like my friends.” But there is hope for children like Rorng and the millions like him. Most children who are blind don’t have to be. 80% of blindness is treatable. Rorng’s sight and future were restored with surgery. Give a child the gift of sight. One donation. Endless possibilities.