She Can PSA - 1 min

1 million children who are living with treatable blindness could see today if they had access to eye care services. 89% live in low-income countries. Two out of three are girls like Tejitu in Ethiopia. With our donors, Seva Canada is helping to ensure everyone has an equal right to sight so they can go to school, play with friends,  and thrive. With healthy vision adults can work, earn an income and help lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

Videography by Mathew Marek

Editing by Kevin McDonald

Video transcript

TITLE: She Can

We open on an ophthalmologist examining a patient.

SFX: Thoughtful music plays
Text onscreen:
Over 1 MILLION CHILDREN could be CURED OF BLINDNESS if they had access to treatment.
2 out of 3 are GIRLS in low-income countries.
Tejitu was BLIND from the age of 3.
Thanks to Seva Canada donors, SHE CAN see again.
SHE CAN continue her education.
SHE CAN flourish.
YOU CAN ensure girls have an equal right to sight.
Because when GIRLS succeed. WE ALL succeed.
LOGO/SUPER: Give the power of sight from $50 CDN.
Logo: Seva Canada