Blindness is a global health problem causing untold suffering and costing the world billions annually. But this is a solvable problem. 29 million blind people could see tomorrow if only they had access to eye care. Your gift today gives the power of sight and changes lives forever.

Tibetan Girls by Jon Kaplan

Become a Monthly Donor

Become a monthly donor and restore sight and prevent blindness, every month. Join ForSight, a community of monthly donors committed to providing the means, opportunity, and capacity for people in developing countries to receive surgery, glasses and medicine that they need to build brighter futures.

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Give in Memory or in Honour

Make a gift in memory or in honour of someone special, or to celebrate an important occasion, and we'll send the recipient a beautiful card telling them how their gift will help transform lives.

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2017-18 Gift of Sight Greatest Need image by Ellen Crystal - Madagascar

Greatest Need

Choose to give any amount you like to provide eye care for those in greatest need. Restore sight and prevent blindness through training, surgery, glasses, medicine and outreach. We will put your gift to work where it is needed most.

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Gift of Sight Donation Cards

Donate to an eye care program as a gift in honour of a friend or family member. Each card is the equivalent of a $12.50 donation. Package includes 4 cards with envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

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2017-18 Gift of Sight Kids image by Ellen Crystal - Madagascar

So Kids Can See

Help children by providing sight-restoring surgery or prescription glasses. Children who have their sight restored can go to school, play with friends, and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives.

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2017-18 Gift of Sight Adults image by Ellen Crystal - Nepal

So Adults Can See

Give the power of sight to some of the most marginalized and isolated people in the developing world, so they can lead independent and productive lives.

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2017-18 Gift of Sight Women and Girls image by Ellen Crystal - Madagascar

Empower Women & Girls

Two out of three of the world's blind are women and girls. Help break down the barriers to eye care for women so they get the care they need and deserve.

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2017-18 Gift of Sight Training image by Ellen Crystal - Madagascar

Train An Eye Care Worker

Train local people at every level of eye care so they can serve their own people now and into the future.

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2017-18 Gift of Sight Remote Communities image by Dolma Chugi Tibet

Send Eye Care to Remote Communities

Most of the 36 million people in the world who are blind live in remote, rural areas with no access to eye care. They are often frightened and not able to travel freely, and many do not know that they can be helped. They will stay blind until eye care workers bring care to their doorstep.

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Help Kids See and Succeed with Glasses!

Help Reach the Goal of 2000 Glasses for Kids! As kids in low-income countries go back to school in an uncertain time, one thing is for certain: they need to see to succeed. Kids with visual impairment are 3x more likely to struggle in class, yet 63% of vision problems in school-aged kids are easily treatable with an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Learn more Give today