You can bring together your friends and family to help restore sight for those who live in the farthest corners of the globe.

Whether you promise to climb a mountain, sing in public, hike the Pacific Crest trail, sacrifice your birthday gifts, or simply inspire your friends and family by sharing the mission of Seva, you can start your own fundraising campaign!

We’ll get you started on your personalized fundraising page where you can update your supporters along the way and encourage them to give a gift to help make sure the power of sight is within everyone’s reach.

People who live in remote areas in developing countries have no eye care services nearby and no resources to travel great distances to get to them. You can help Seva provide access to eye care for people in the most isolated corners of the globe.

Start a fundraiser today:

  1. Create and personalize your own fundraising page and pick your goal
  2. Check out our easy guide for creative ideas to help you fundraise
  3. Bring together the power of your network and share your fundraising page online
  4. Update your supporters on your progress and receive donations

Use the power of your network to help restore sight and change the lives of those living in remote areas in the world.

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You will be helping women just like Susanna from Tanzania in the video below regain their independence and hope for the future.

If you have any questions about getting started please call us at 604-713-6622 or toll-free 1-877-460-6622 or contact us.


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Sight Stories and News

  • A Mother's Fear Turns to Hope

    When 8-year-old twins Ganga and Yumana began to lose their vision due to cataracts, they seemed destined to go blind like their mother.Thankfully, Seva's outreach team got them the care they needed.

    Sight stories | November 15th, 2017
  • Thank You for Sweating for Sight!

    This October, the Canadian fitness community came together to get sweaty and restore sight for World Sight Day. 25 studios held specialty classes or offered classes by donation, in support of Seva Canada’s eye care programs. See what they did!

    Blog | November 6th, 2017
  • A Long Walk for Sight

    Nesum, a fiercely independent widow, walked for 4 days through the mountainous terrain of northeastern Nepal hoping to have her sight restored at a Seva-sponsored eye camp.

    Sight stories | October 20th, 2017