Seva Canada Newsletter Fall 2015

Eye Contact Seva Canada Newsletter

Fall 2015

  • The Champalimaud Vision Award!
  • Nepal 5 Months Later
  • Motown Meltdown
  • A Better Future in Sight
  • The Gender Aha Moment in Eye Care
  • A Solution in Sight

Past Newsletters

Spring 2018

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Fall 2017

  • Look How Far We've Come - All Thanks to You
  • Through the Eyes of a Donor
  • An Ophthamologist, Leader and Mentor
  • Bringing Colour into Her Life
  • Breaking Through the Double Layer of Gender Inequality for Girls
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Spring 2017

  • Eye Care a Stone's Throw Away
  • Celebrating Our Successes Together
  • A Teachable Moment in School Screening
  • The Winding Road to Recovery
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