This Valentine's Day we'd like to warm your heart with a story about a couple whose lives were transformed thanks to the generosity of donors like you.
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In Northern Uganda, Molly Atim wished she could see her loving husband’s face clearly but unfortunately the world around her was a blur. She could no longer see well enough to read or write, her favourite pastimes, and struggled in the fields planting and harvesting the millet and rice they needed to eat and sell at the local market. 

Molly felt like she was letting her husband down by her inability to fully contribute and support their family. She was forced to rely on him to guide her over uneven terrain and help her with the household so she didn’t hurt herself cooking over the open flame or accidentally use sugar instead of salt. 

After four years of struggling with near blindness, Molly and her husband heard on the radio about an upcoming Seva-supported screening camp. This was the miracle they were hoping for.

They arrived at the screening camp in nearby Amolatar village where Molly was diagnosed with far-sightedness. After being fitted with prescription glasses, Molly couldn’t tear her eyes away from the laminated papers patients were reading to test their vision. For the first time in years, she could read the text on the page! 

With a big smile across her face, she laughed and said “Oh it’s good. I can read. I can write.” 

With a big smile across her face, she laughed and said Oh it’s good. I can read. I can write.” Molly pulled her husband over and wrapped her arms around him as he smiled from ear to ear “Thank you. It has made a great difference.” 

Molly and her husband were overwhelmed with gratitude for her restored vision thanks to donors like you who provided her with the eye care she so desperately needed.

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  • Molly Atim in Uganda doing a reading test
  • Molly's Story Video Image