GROWN® Eyewear, (, is a new, innovative eyewear company with a social conscience. GROWN is launching their sustainable wood and bamboo eyewear collection that also ‘does good’ this June in Canada.  For every pair of glasses sold GROWN will fund eye testing for 12 children or for every 4 pairs sold GROWN will fund one sight-restoring cataract surgery in the developing world through their GROWN Vision™ project and their giving partner Seva Canada.  Eye testing helps identify children with visual impairment and potentially blinding conditions such as infections and cataracts. “The idea behind GROWN has always been to design, produce and provide original and sustainable wooden eyewear that looks great and does good. Our vision was to create a socially responsible brand that would allow us to do what we love while supporting meaningful and life-changing efforts. Not long after the initial prototypes were created we saw a message on TV about the large numbers of people who are affected by blindness or poor vision in the developing world. It was surprising that this was something that could be easily treated often with a simple 10-minute cataract surgery, “said Canadian-born founder Jeff Phillips.

Grown Eyewear & Seva promotional card

“Besides restoring vision, we like that Seva Canada concentrates its efforts on reducing blindness with their child testing programs as well as supplying glasses and visual aids to the people who need them. We are humbled and honoured to be able to help support Seva in their selfless journey,” said Phillips. Childhood blindness is one of the five priority diseases that have been targeted by the VISION 2020 initiative. Screening of children is essential as eye problems in the young require urgent care. Unless children have focused, straight vision as early as possible, their sight will not develop properly. “Seva Canada is thrilled to be working with GROWN to help restore sight to the 35 million people in the developing world who are blind from preventable or treatable causes, many of whom are children. As a new eyewear company, GROWN’s desire to create well-designed, sustainable and environmentally responsible products aligns strongly with Seva’s own values. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with GROWN as they successfully build their brand and business while giving the power of sight to those most in need – women, children and people living in extreme poverty and isolation. Each dollar donated by GROWN will be amplified by Seva’s own unique sustainability model, creating a positive momentum that will effect generations. Every donation to Seva is an investment in a community’s future.” -  Penny Lyons, Executive Director of Seva Canada Grown Eyewear can be purchased online at and through select retailers.

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