“I am shocked she (Subhrata) has an eye problem! No one in the family knew about the problem,” said Subhrata's mother.

12-year-old Subhrata from Eastern Nepal is in 6th grade at the same school where her mother is a teacher. Subhrata, a hardworking and conscientious student, always made sure to sit in the front of the classroom so could see the lessons on the blackboard. She knew that if she sat further back the words would be too blurry for her to read. What Subhrata didn’t realize was that a pair of glasses would solve her vision problems and bring her world into focus.

Subhrata and Her Mother in Nepal Image

Subhrata and Her Mother

Subhrata’s family, however, was well aware that eye problems could be treated. Five years ago Subhrata’s father was diagnosed with glaucoma, a chronic and potentially blinding eye disease that requires ongoing treatment. There are no eye hospitals in their area so Subhrata’s father travels to Kathmandu every 6 months for checkups.

That’s why the family was so surprised to learn that Subhrata needed glasses. The Seva Youth Outreach Team diagnosed Subhrata with severe nearsightedness during an eye screening at her school. She was given a free pair of life-changing glasses, funded by donors like you. Now she can follow along in class no matter where she sits!

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Now I will send Subhrata for an eye checkup with her father every six months,” said her relieved and grateful mother.

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    “I am shocked she (Subhrata) has an eye problem! No one in the family knew about the problem,” said Subhrata's mother in eastern Nepal.

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