Sam Chem, lives in Daung village where she used to grow rice, corn and vegetables on her land. She has a few animals and did the farming and cared for the animals by herself. Her husband left her 20 years ago and she had no children, but she had always managed well on her own.

That is until Sam started to go blind from cataracts in both eyes and was no longer able to farm or care for her animals. Her niece came to live with her, using her wages from her job at a nearby garment factory to care for Sam.

Sam knew that she could get help at the Kampot Eye Unit, which is only an hour drive away, but she could not afford to travel to the unit.

Then, a Seva field worker, much like Bunnay Reuk, came to her village to do an eye screening. After testing Sam’s eyes, the field worker arranged for her to be transported to Kampot, free of charge.

Sam Chem Sight Story

Sam Chem after cataract surgery on her right eye.

Sam arrived at the Kampot Eye Unit and was scheduled for surgery on her right eye. Sam was afraid of the surgery, she worried that the bandages would be removed and that she would still be blind.

The day after surgery, when her bandage was removed, Sam declared with a smile that she could see out of her right eye. The ophthalmologist scheduled her for surgery on her left eye and after another night at the hospital, Sam was able to see clearly again in both eyes.

While Sam was grateful for all of her niece’s help, she could not wait to take care of her house and farm again. She was also glad that now her niece could work and save money for herself and her future instead of caring for Sam. Sam expressed her gratitude to the Seva Canada donors, ophthalmologist and field worker that made it possible for her to get her sight and independence back!

Thank you!

Sam Chem Sight Story

Sam Chem saying thank you after sight restoring cataract surgery in both eyes!

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