This October, the Canadian fitness community came together to get sweaty and restore sight for World Sight Day. Twenty-five studios held speciality classes or offered classes by donation, in support of Seva Canada’s eye care programs.

So far, we've raised a total of $9,285 with more donations still coming in! 

Thank you to the following gyms, studios, and individuals for joining Sweat for Sight and raising awareness of the global issue of avoidable blindness - we couldn’t have done it without you!

AKtion Fitness

Ashley Kumar of AKtion Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta held a by-donation Bollywood AKtion class. Participants had a chance to try out this fun fitness class and help restore sight at the same time! Thank you Ashley!

The Bar Method Vancouver and West Vancouver

a collage of sweaty selfie from Bar Method staff and clients

Some great sweaty selfies from Bar method clients and staff!

In honour of World Sight Day, The Bar Method donated $5 for every client that attended class on October 12th to Seva Canada. Thanks to the dedication of the Bar Method Community, they raised $1595! Their generosity will change the lives of people in remote areas of low-income countries by contributing towards a permanent Community Eye Centre, which provides year-round access to basic care, covering 90% of all eye conditions.

The Bar Method also encouraged their community to share sweaty selfies for Seva Canada’s sweaty selfie campaign to raise awareness of preventable and avoidable blindness.

A big thank you to The Bar Method and all of their clients for getting sweaty and restoring sight!

Baza Dance

Baza Dance was eager to sweat it out again this year and held two by-donation classes to raise funds and awareness for preventable and avoidable blindness.

On Sunday, October 8th, Baza Dance Studios held a by-donation blindfolded Kizomba class.  Kizomba, which originated in Angola, is a beautiful and sensual partner dance characterized by a slow, romantic rhythm.  Wearing blindfolds helped the dancing partners experience a connection to each other and the music.

participants at Baza dance studios work it class dancing

Participants from Baza Dance's Work It for Seva class busting a move!

On Sunday, October 15th, Baza hosted a reggaeton Zumba hip-hop mix class called “Work It.” This upbeat and funky class was hosted by Ty, Shay, Antonya and Celina. Participants busted a move and got sweaty to restore sight.

Through these two classes, the Baza Dance community raised $315 which will provide life-changing cataract surgery for 2 children in some of the poorest regions in the world and give them 50 years of sight. Thank you Baza Dance for your loyal support!

BEFIT Langley

Rob, Karen, and Freya from BEFIT showing off their pistol squats.

Rob, Karen, and Freya showing off their pistol squats.

During the week of World Sight Day, BEFIT Langley accepted donations for Seva Canada. They raised $100, which was matched by one of their members and long-time Seva supporter, Karen Moosbrugger. A number of BEFIT members also shared their sweaty selfies on social media to raise awareness of the cause. Way to go BEFIT, your generosity will provide life-changing cataract surgery for 4 adults!

The Dailey Method Vancouver

The Dailey Method Vancouver joined us again this year and got sweaty to raise awareness and funds for World Sight Day.

This year, the Dailey Method held two by-donation classes with a Disco Inferno theme. Participants in the Dailey Cycle Class and Dailey Barre Class got their sweat on in a room full of rainbow lights and wore vibrant, sparkly clothing. Groovy fun!

The Disco Inferno classes raised over $100, which will restore the sight of 2 people – thank you Dailey Method!

Eastwood Cycle

Eastwood - Sweat for Seva

On October 20th, Eastwood Cycle hosted a ride by donation in support of Sweat for Sight. Participants got sweaty and raised funds to help people living in rural and remote areas of low-income countries have access to high-quality eye care. Thanks Eastwood Cycle!

Embody Pilates Studio

Embody Pilates Studio in Canmore donated proceeds from one of their Mat classes on World Sight Day to Seva Canada. Their generosity will help a blind person see with a $50 life-changing cataract operation. Thank you Embody Pilates for your support!

Fit Body Boot Camp

Participants from one of Fit Body's boot camp classes holding up Seva newsletters and GOS catalogues

On World Sight Day, all boot camp classes at Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp were by-donation with proceeds going to Seva Canada.

The Fit Body community got sweaty and raised $275 – enough to train 2 community field workers and provide prescription glasses for 15 children to bring their world into focus and allow them to play with friends and succeed in school. Thank you Fit Body for your amazing support!

Fit Republic YYC

Ashlee and Mallory holding up their donation box for their spin class

Spin instructors Ashlee and Mallory with their donation box before class.

Ashlee and Mallory at Fit Republic YYC hosted a Sweat for Sight Charity Ride. Participants cycled for sight and cooled off at the end of class with a water fight! Fit Republic raised over $200 – which will support community-based programs to help women and girls see. Thank you Ashlee, Mallory and the Fit Republic YYC Community for your generosity and support.

Fit Squad

participants in Fit Squad's training class working out and holding up Seva Canada banner

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Fit Squad in Toronto held a special boot camp class with a group of Toronto-based ophthalmology residents and Seva Canada board member, Dr. Vivian Yin. The group did weight lifting, body weight training, and conditioning.

Together, they raised $1000 – enough to help train 4 local eye surgeons in low-income countries to do cataract operations and provide high-quality eye care for generations to come.

Full Circle Studio

people laying on their backs and lifting weights in a pilates class

[Insert caption here]

For the second year in a row, Full Circle Studio participated in Sweat for Sight and offered a blindfolded Pilates mat class.

The participants wore blindfolds throughout the class as a visual representation of avoidable blindness to raise awareness of the global issue.

The BYOBlindfold class raised $70 for Seva which will restore the sight of an adult and provide prescription glasses for 14 children. Thank you Full Circle Studio for your loyal support!

Halifax Yoga

photo collage of participants in Zachary's class doing yoga poses while holding glow sticks

Zachary and participants at Halifax Yoga's by-donation class with glow sticks and candles

After having cataract surgery himself 2 years ago, 6-year-old Zachary Gardiner is on a mission to raise  funds to help 100 kids in low-income countries have the same procedure. In support of Zachary’s big goal, Joy Lo taught a by-donation karma yoga class at Halifax Yoga. The class was held in darkness with candlelight and glow sticks to symbolize light and hope for people suffering from preventable blindness.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The class raised $130, which will go towards Zachary’s goal to help 100 kids in low-income countries have cataract surgery. Thank you Colleen Gardiner, Joy Lo and Halifax Yoga for organizing and hosting the class!

You can check out Zachary's fundraising page here: 

Harbour Dance Centre

Harbour Dance Centre’s Intensive Training Program danced in the dark with glow sticks to raise awareness of the global issue of preventable blindness and visual impairment. Check out their video:

Harbour Dance Centre’s The Aviary did a partner dance with blindfolds to raise awareness of the profound impact that sight-restoring surgery can have on the patient and their caregiver. When you give 1 person back their sight, you give 2 people back their lives. Watch this moving video of their dance:


Thank you Harbour Dance Centre for using dance to raise awareness of preventable blindness and the profound impact of giving someone the power of sight!

J’Adore Dance

photos from J'adore dance glow dance party

This October, J’Adore Dance held a campaign called “Change for Change” in order to raise awareness and funds for Seva Canada. During parent’s week at the studio, dancers and their families could take part in a glow in the dark dance party and the studio sold glow sticks by-donation.

Through “Change for Change”, J’Adore families raised $1090 - enough to restore the sight of 7 children and provide glasses for 8 more! The dance parties were a lot of fun too. Thank you J’Adore Dance for your incredibly generous support of Sweat for Sight and Seva Canada.

Prana Yoga Studio

Prana Yoga studio

On October 17th, Prana Yoga Studio held a Deep & Dark Warm Yoga Flow class. Participants flowed through yoga poses to the live sounds of Sparrow Grace.

The event raised $300, which will restore the sight of two children in need. Thank you Prana Yoga!

Pure Barre Yaletown

For the second year in a row, Pure Barre joined us for Sweat for Sight. This year, they held a "Tuck n' Glow" class at their Yaletown studio. Pure Barre turned off the lights, illuminated the studio with black light, and participants wore light colours and glow stick bracelets so that everyone glowed.

The “Tuck n’ Glow” class raised $150 which will cure three adults or one child’s blindness with life-changing cataract surgery. Thank you Pure Barre!



candle placed on the floor of dark room with spin bikes in background

Spinunity in Sherwood Park, Alberta was eager to get involved with Sweat for Sight in support of the eradication of preventable blindness.

On World Sight Day, Instructor Paige Goueffic led a candlelight Spin Fusion class with proceeds going to Seva Canada. Participants cycled in the dark with candlelight and music and raised funds to give the power of sight to people living in low-income countries. Thank you Spinunity!

Tight Club

participants from tight club class smiling after workout

[Insert caption here]

Tight Club held a special by-donation class on Friday, October 13th to raise awareness and funds for Seva Canada. The class was taught by Tight Club’s President and Head Coach, Keighty Gallagher and began with a short introduction by Seva Canada’s Marketing and Communications Director, Deanne Berman.

Participants raised $170, which will support community-based programs that help women and girls get the eye care they need and deserve. Thank you Tight Club!

Torq Ride

picture of Torq Ride sign outside studio

Torq Ride was the first studio in Toronto to sign up for Sweat for Sight. On October 12th, Torq donated $5 from every ride towards restoring sight and raised $215 which will give people in remote, rural areas access to eye care by contributing towards screening entire communities for eye disease.


Photo of the front of Yogajoy studio

YogaJoy studio located in Crystal Beach, Ontario

Joyce Senese is a long-time Seva donor and owner of YogaJoy, a small studio in Crystal Beach, Ontario. She also works for an eye surgeon so she knows first-hand the profound impact of restoring sight. Joyce was eager to host a Sweat for Sight class after learning about the event in our Spring Newsletter.

YogaJoy holds a Sunday donation class every week, and in October, Joyce dedicated a class to Seva to bring awareness of the importance of sight. YogaJoy’s class raised $260 – enough to restore the sight of 5 adults and provide glasses for 2 more. Thank you YogaJoy!

Yogalife Studios

participants from the blindfold yoga classes posing with their blindfolds on

Participants from Yogalife Studios North and South sporting blindfolds after class

On World Sight Day, Yogalife Studios in Edmonton held by-donation blindfolded yoga classes at both their North and South locations. Participants in the classes wore blindfolds to represent avoidable blindness and raise awareness of the 29 million people who could see today if they had access to eye care.

Yogalife will also be donating proceeds from their Karma Classes every Friday from October until December to Seva Canada. Thank you Yogalife for your outstanding support!

The Yoga Root

The Yoga Root's event poster for their Sweat for Sight class

On World Sight Day, The Yoga Root in North Vancouver hosted a by-donation Kundalini Yoga class. At the end of practice, students enjoyed the soothing sounds of a gong bath during Savasana.

Thank you Yoga Root for raising funds and awareness of the global issue of blindness and visual impairment.

In addition to these outstanding studios and people, we would also like to thank The Hive Bouldering Gym, Bliss YogaSpa, Curves North Vancouver, Equinox, Muse Movement, Sugar Swing Dance Club, The Bar Method and Yoga Within for their generous in-kind donations of bouldering classes, yoga passes, and gym memberships to help promote Sweat for Sight.

We would also like to thank Peter Roach from Bayswater Neuromuscular who helped raise awareness of Seva's programs by donating advertising space in his clinic around World Sight Day - thank you Peter!

If you are interested in getting involved with Sweat for Sight next year or know a studio, gym or instructor who would be, please email us at

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