Seva Canada Cause and Effect Closed Captioned

For many in low-income countries, blindness means poverty and loss of opportunity. Millions could see tomorrow if only they had access to care. 80% of blindness is treatable or preventable! Women and girls make up the majority of the world's blind due to the socioeconomic barriers they face accessing care. When you give the power of sight, you also give access to education, employment and the foundation for a better life. To date, our donors have given sight to over 5 million people in low-income countries through life-changing surgeries and provided eye care services to millions more including glasses and medicine.

The video was developed and created with the help and generosity of: ​

  • Cossette Communications (Vancouver)
  • Head Gear Animation
  • PostPro Media
  • Wave Productions
Video transcript

We open on a pair of hands animating a 3D flip book (like sample). The black and white sketched visuals will reveal themselves with the VO, as we follow the main illustration of the young woman and her experiences.

SFX: Thoughtful music plays under VO.

There was a girl who lost her sight. Because she lost her sight she couldn’t read or learn like the others. She couldn’t work to help support her family. Her family became poor.
Then Seva came and restored her sight. Now she can learn. She can work. She can see her future.
Seva has helped over 5 million people in low-income countries see again.

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