Sweat for Sight

Get Sweaty and Give the Power of Sight!

What is Sweat for Sight?

Sweat for Sight is a multi-faceted event in support of Seva Canada that celebrates World Sight Day (on October 12, 2017), the annual day of awareness of blindness and visual impairment.

Gyms, studios, clubs, teams, businesses and individuals across Canada can show their support and creativity by holding a fundraiser, dedicating a special fitness class, or doing anything to get sweaty and restore sight. 


How to Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved at every level!

You can:

  • Set up a fundraising page here and raise awareness and money to restore sight 
  • Give yourself and/or your group a sweaty challenge. You can:
    • Run a 5km
    • Do a difficult hike together
    • Throughout October, cumulatively walk the distance it takes for many people to get an eye clinic (100 km)
  • Hold a specialty blindfolded or "in the dark" class at your studio or gym 

We can promote your activities online and in our newsletter, just let us know what you are up to! We will also provide photos, stories and whatever else you need.

Sweaty Selfies:

Share what you are doing to give the power of sight and win prizes! Post sweaty selfies on Insta, Facebook and Twitter tagging @sevacanada along with the hashtag #SweatforSight. Ask your network to share your photo and challenge them to get sweaty and restore sight too!

Prizes from: Seva CanadaThe Hive,  Curves North VancouverBliss Yoga SpaSugar Swing BallroomThe Bar MethodYoga Within and Muse Movement!

Need more inspiration? See what others did last year by checking out the photo gallery below or visit sweaty ideas

See what studios near you are hosting fitness classes:


Contact admin@seva.ca to learn more or download our:

​​Participating Studios

  • AKtion Fitness logo

    AKtion is hosting a by-donation Bollywood AKtion class on Sept. 27th from 8-9 pm at Planet Yoga (#206 - 4935 55 Ave NW). Proceeds from this class are going to Seva Canada.  

    Ashley is the Author of the upcoming book The Balance Code – How to Find Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance and Enjoy Life to the Fullest. She is a Movement Consultant and Speaker, the Founder of the South Asian Arts Movement Society, and Director of AKtion Fitness & Yoga. She has several artistic awards under her belt, and was also named Top 40 Under 40 in her home town of Edmonton, Alberta. Through dance, fitness and Yoga coaching, she encourages people to accept and challenge themselves, and pursue wellness and balance. She is best known for her love of dance and sharing it through her teaching capacity; she often reminds her students, it’s not just dancing with the body, it’s engaging the mind and spirit!

  • Amy Diehl personal training logo

    Amy Diehl is a Kinesiology graduate from UBC with a thorough background in the fields of both personal training as well as active rehabilitation. She has worked with athletes of all ages and fitness levels as well as rehabilitated both acute and chronic issues in a therapy setting. She is a strong believer of healing through motion and applies this belief when working with clients in order to help them achieve the best results.

  • Bar Method Logo

    The Bar Method will donate $5 for every client that attends class on October 12th, 2017 to Sweat for Sight in support of Seva Canada.

    The Bar Method® is a one-hour, non-impact total body workout. It starts with a warm-up, free-weight exercises and push-ups and then moves on to intense, isometric leg work at the bar, followed by abdominal work at the bar and on mats. Every exercise includes active stretching to elongate the targeted muscles. Men and women are welcome!

  • Baza will be hosting a by-donation Blindfolded Kizomba workshop on Sunday, Oct. 8th from 12:00-1:30 pm. Minimum donation is $15 and 100% of proceeds will be donated to Seva Canada.

    Baza Dance Studios' main mission is to inspire! Inspire to dance...Inspire to grow...Inspire to create. Their main focus is currently with Latin Dance styles, however they also offer a variety of other class styles (such as Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Reggaeton and Dance fitness) to build well-rounded dancers. They welcome everyone, from absolute beginner to performance level dancers and offer special packages to cater to your dance addict level!

  • BEFIT logo
    BEFIT is proudly supporting Sweat for Sight by accepting donations from members on October 9-12. Contributions will be matched by gym member Karen M. and donated to Seva Canada.
    BEFIT Lifestyle.Strength.Performance. Fall in love with fitness with our award winning functionally progressive fat loss workouts for all levels. BEFIT is where you receive that personal training experience at an affordable bootcamp rate. Our sessions go above and beyond what is seen in typical group training and resemble personal training workouts with the fantastic energy of a group setting being led by highly skilled performance coaches.
  • Bodhi Tree Yoga logo

    Bodhi Tree will be offering a  karma class on Wednesday, Oct. 11th at 12:00 pm. Proceeds will be donated to Seva Canada's Sweat for Sight. 

    Serving the Calgary yoga community for 15 years, the Bodhi Tree is a community of warm, fun-loving and inspired individuals who strive to offer yoga as it was intended: accessible to everyone. We offer many styles of yoga including Hot Yoga, Yin, Yang/Yin, Restorative, Flow, Yoga Nidra as well as Pre and Postnatal yoga, Mom & Baby and Seniors Yoga. Our goal is to make wellness open and available to all individuals. Come prepared to open your body, calm your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

  • The Dailey Method will be hosting two by-donation classes with a Disco Inferno theme on Oct 10th Dailey Cycle Class at 5:45pm and Dailey Barre Class at 7:00pm

    The Dailey Method helps you achieve a strong, lean, sculpted body through an evolving mix of practices. They combine ballet barre work, core conditioning, and muscle strengthening through yoga, pilates, and orthopedic exercise. Never stale, their ever-evolving mix of movement is always fresh, fun, and challenging. You get a total workout: your body sculpted, mind sharpened, motivation heightened, attitude transformed. Expand your mind and alter your body in the best way possible by awakening the passion that is in all of us. Join them, and let them help to move you along your journey and practice!

  • Eastwood Cycle Logo

    Eastwood will be hosting "The Icon - Sweat for Seva [ride by donation]" on Friday October 20th, at 12pm at their Downtown studio.  $10 drop ins with 100% of proceeds going to Seva Canada.

    Eastwood is more than just a destination, it’s a journey. Indoor cycling, boxing, and guided meditation. Start your journey at our studio Downtown or on the North Shore. 

  • eMbody Fitness Club logo

    eMbody Fitness is a full-service gym located midtown on Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto. Members have 24-hour access to the club with their key fob, and staff are available to assist during business hours. eMbody Fitness offers personal training, a variety of group exercise and cycling classes, TRX Suspension Training and Gravity Training. The most important part of our vision is customized personal fitness coaching that cares for the individual goals and desires of each member. Not only are they seasoned professionals with credentials of the highest calibre, but also personable, approachable people who are ready to give 100% in response to the specific needs of each member. That is the eMbody commitment.

  • Embody Pilates Studio Logo

    Embody Pilates will be donating all proceeds from their 6:30pm Mat class on Thursday, Oct 12th to Sweat for Sight.

    If you’re looking to gain a strong & supple body, improve athletic performance, recover from an injury, or become the amazing teacher you desire to be, then Embody Pilates Studio is the perfect place for you! Our goal is for you to have a fantastic experience at our studio. All teachers are comprehensively trained graduates from our accredited and vocationally Licensed College of Classical Pilates. Our gorgeous 3100 sq ft Mountain view studio is fully equipped with everything you need to succeed. You just need to arrive ready to learn and move amongst a vibrant community of people who are there to support and encourage each other. 


  • Fit Body Boot Camp logo
    On October 12th, all boot camp sessions at Kitsilano Fit Body Boot Camp will be by donation with proceeds going to Seva Canada. Everyone who donates will be entered in a draw to win 1 of 3, one month free passes to Fit Body Boot Camp!
    Kitsilano Fit Body Boot Camp is a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. Every workout session is led by an experienced, certified Kitsilano Fit Body Boot Camp personal trainer and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time*
  • Fit Republic Logo

    Fit Republic will be hosting a Sweat for Sight Charity Ride on Thursday, October 12th at 5:20pm. Minimum donation is $5 and all proceeds will go to Seva Canada.

    Fit Republic empowers people through fitness. Founded by our fearless leader Jane Tallick, our mission is to bring high-quality instruction, and a diverse mix of classes you can't find anywhere else, to the people of Calgary.

    From AntiGravity to TRX to cycling, HIIT, barre and yoga, our small classes offer something for everyone and are governed by one principle: have fun and the fitness will follow.

  • Fit Squad Logo

    Fit Squad will be donating proceeds from of a group training class on Saturday October 14th for Sweat for Sight.

    Fit Squad thinks about fitness as the means to achieving human potential. That pushing personal limits leads to higher living. Fit Squad is less of a gym, and more of a supportive, inspiring and empowering community - that strives to make positive life changes through fitness. They offer personal training, along with group training, online training, and corporate packages to best suit their clients' needs and goals. They focus on progression-based training, meaning that each workout builds on the last. Every exercise, rep, set and rest has a clear intension and that intension is to get you to your goals. They see the gym as the ultimate training ground for life, where determined people seize the opportunity to evolve every single day. Through weight lifting, body weight training, and conditioning they build the personal strength to do more and to be more - inside and outside the gym. Fit Squad believes that everyone has the ability to achieve greatness, and they want to be the ones to guide you there.

  • Full Circle studio + sweat for sight

    Full Circle Studio will be offering a blindfolded by donation Pilates Mat class on Thursday October 12th at 7 pm. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Seva Canada's Sweat for Sight. Be sure to BYOBlindfold!

    Full Circle Studio is a Pilates studio located in the heart of East Vancouver. They offer first-rate personalized Mat & Equipment Pilates classes, privates and semi-privates to help people achieve their goals! They are community created and dedicated to personal betterment through exercise, art and healing. Their world of Pilates in East Vancouver is a safe space to ask questions about your body in an inspired path to support preventative health for a longer, healthier and more comfortable life in your skin

  • Halifax Yoga logo

    Halifax Yoga is hosting a Karma Yoga Class held in darkness with candlelight on Thursday Oct 12th at 6:15pm. All proceeds will go towards Zachary Gardiner's goal to help 100 kids see!

    Halifax Yoga is a community of people looking to live life to the fullest! With the belief that yoga and its experiences are for everyBODY, our weekly offerings include over 40 classes (yoga and spin) each week and we really do aim to offer something for everybody! We are committed to using yoga, movement, and meditation to access the highest good within each of us while supporting the highest good within each other. Our vision is that we have an entire community of individuals living their BEST lives and supporting others to do the same.

  • Harbour Dance Centre Logo Sweat for Sight

    Established in 1985, Harbour Dance Centre is the hub of Vancouver’s dance scene. Their world-class faculty offers a variety of dance forms for adult dancers of all levels. Open 7 days a week with different classes every day, Harbour Dance Centre is the perfect choice for everyone from seasoned professionals to adult beginners. Be part of the dynamic dance experience in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

    927 Granville Street in Vancouver, B.C.

  • J'Adore Dance logo

    J'Adore Dance is hosting "Change for Change",  a family glow dance party with glow sticks available by-donation.  100% of funds collected will be donated to Seva Canada.

    At J'Adore Dance, we believe that anyone and everyone can dance! Historically, dance has been an important form of cultural expression, used to pass beliefs, values, and narratives to younger generations. We desire to bring dance back to the people! Our classes promote dance as a form of recreation, expression, physical activity, personal growth, and most importantly, FUN, in a supportive, non-competitive environment! Our greatest mission is to advocate that all people have the ability and right to dance! As we continue to grow we are dedicated to offering innovative and exciting programming to meet all our clients' diverse needs.

  • Prana Yoga Studio Logo

    Prana Yoga Studio will be offering a Deep & Dark Warm Vinyasa yoga class with live music fundraiser on Oct 17th from 6:00-7:15 pm. Proceeds will go to Sweat for Sight.

    Prana Yoga Studio has been offering cutting edge, holistic yoga classes, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training programs in Edmonton’s west end for eleven years. As a teaching community, we are extremely dedicated to the path and practice of yoga, and passionate about sharing it with others. We love bringing the roots of traditional yoga to life for timeless application in the modern world, while delivering engaging classes for all levels. By synergizing breath, movement and awareness, students easily move past the boundaries of the conditioned mind, returning to their natural state of clarity. From this focused and authentic inner space, true perspective is regained, and the benefits of yoga become side effects to the joy of practice.

  • Pure Barre will be hosting a "Tuck n' Glow" class to raise funds on Oct 13th at 5:45pm at their Yaletown studio (1128 Homer St)

    Pure Barre is the fastest, safest, most effective way to change your body. In just 55 minutes Pure Barre gives you a full-body workout concentrating on the areas women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. Their technique is low-impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. Each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles. The technique works to defy gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up!

    Originally from the United States, Pure Barre opened two studios in Kitsilano & Yaletown. With a fast-paced workout that focuses on an intense sequence of positions unique to Pure Barre, be prepared to work up a sweat and become very familiar with our lift, tone, and burn mantra.

  • Spinunity logo

    Spinunity will be hosting a candlelight spin class on Thursday, Oct 12th at 7:15pm

    Offering powerful, music-driven classes on bikes, our goal is to bring people to move and work together in a safe, welcoming, and extremely fun environment.  Our classes ride to the beat, and offer 2 short sessions of weighted upper body movements on the bike.

  • Tight Club Logo

    Tight Club will be hosting a by donation  Sweat for Sight class on Friday, Oct. 13th @ 7:30pm with 100% of proceeds donated to Seva Canada.

    Exercise doesn’t have to define your life. It’s something you do to enhance who you are. Tight Club is a lifestyle for individuals who value active bodies, creative minds, and balanced lives. You’re never just training for the gym, you’re training for life. The Tight Life.

  • Torq Ride logo

    On October 12th, Torq Ride will donate $5 from every ride towards Sweat for Sight.

    Located at 978 Queen St East in Toronto, Torq Ride is Leslieville's premier indoor cycling boutique dedicated to calorie-torching, endorphin-surging classes. The studio features 36 top-of-the-line Stages bikes that that provide real-time feedback about just how hard you're working. About 30 classes a week are led by a roster of some of the city's most revered and technique-driven instructors, and there are options for beginner riders, those who love metrics, and those who just want to get lost in the music.

  • Yogalife Logo

    Yogalife will be hosting a Blindfolded Yoga class at 5pm on Oct 12th. Yogalife will also be donating proceeds from their $5 Karma Classes every Friday at 6:30 pm in October-December to Sweat for Sight.

    Yogalife's vision is simple. Make it easy for anyone to experience the benefits that yoga has to offer. To achieve this, we created a first-class facility, hand-picked world-class instructors, and created an environment with spa-like amenities. For the experienced yogi, we offer a variety of challenging classes, inspiring workshops, retreats and opportunities to learn from master teachers. For beginners, we offer basic yoga classes that are accessible to all levels and workshops that explore the fundamentals of developing a strong practice. There is a broad world of yoga within our walls, waiting to be explored.

    Our goal is to make you fall in love with this entire life experience. Be part of our community and live the practice that will enhance your quality of life. 

  • The Yoga Root logo

    The Yoga Root will be hosting an all-levels Hatha yoga class by donation in support of Sweat for Sight on Oct 12th from 9:30-10:45 am.

    We are a community-minded, independent North Vancouver Yoga studio, dedicated to getting grounded in a safe, intimate space, free from over-stimulations and distractions. During classes in small groups, the teachers guide students through poses and aim to harmonize body movement with breathing and focus of the mind. Meditation and rhythmic breathing help relieve stress and achieve deep relaxation while exercises promote good posture and flexibility. We welcome all levels of experience - whether you are new to yoga practice, out of practice or regularly practice. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! 

Photos from this event

  • Line 5 studios 2016 Sweat for Sight - blindfolded pilates
  • Dailey Method Kitsilano Glow in the Dark Spin Class - 2016 Sweat for Sight
  • Baza Dance Studio Blindfolded Kozomba class - 2016 Sweat for Sight
  • Blindfolded Sweat for Sight participants - 2016
  • Amy Diehl PersonalTraining and Active Rehab - 2016 Sweat for Sight
  • Pure Barre Kitsilano - 2016 Sweat for Sight
  • Seva Staff Sweat for Sight 2016 Bike Ride